“This is what we have always imagined an authentic 1920s/30s safari to be like and it is
a superb experience.”
“The attention to detail, consideration for the environment
and consistent smiling service – you have a gem of a place.”

06Apr 2016

For those seeking to invest in property, the old adage “location, location and location” is tried and true. The same can be said when seeking a premium game viewing safari experience. We are privileged in this respect being inside the Masai Mara National Reserve, traditionally referred to as “The Jewel of Africa” when it comes […]

04Feb 2016

We are very conscious of the need for tourism to benefit local communities and impact the environment positively if it is to be sustainable. As a small camp we are limited in the number of people we can employ, but last November Sentinel Mara Camp ventured into new territory by sponsoring a business training for […]

26Oct 2015

Dominic Matai has just chased the topi and zebra off the airstrip in preparation for the landing of the flight from Nairobi. As the engine comes to a halt and the dust settles the imposingly tall man in traditional attire of red shuka and beaded necklace greets his visitors. “Welcome to the Mara. I am […]

20Oct 2015

As guests sip their drinks around the campfire a figure clad in a chef’s uniform emerges from the dark shadows and patiently waits for a lull in the conversation. Suddenly there is silence and anticipating eyes focus on the bearer of good news. “Good evening. My name is Joshua; I am your chef. For your […]